Design has the ability to bring people together and create happiness in the process, and it’s no secret that it’s important to the SoFriendly team. I’ve been leading the marketing efforts at SoFriendly since the very beginning, and I’m so proud of how far we’ve come. We’re now 11 people strong, driven by a unified passion and love for the work we do.

At our core, we’re a team of entrepreneurs. It’s important to us to pursue projects we’re passionate about and that solve problems we face. With our newest project VRooms, we’re helping fellow designers design for VR without the pains of compiling and running code or VR programs. Every time a teammate has an idea for a product, we take it seriously and encourage building and launching it, as a team.

As a company, we’re constantly looking for experience-driven folks who want to build relationships internally and externally. Through this approach, we have garnered the support of entrepreneurs, designers, and developers alike. We work primarily with startups and small to medium-sized businesses; this gives us a variety of projects and keeps us at the forefront of different technologies and strategies.

Supporting StarterStudio was a no-brainer for us. We’ve been able to work as mentors with different teams coming into the StarterStudio accelerators. Whether it’s through design and strategy or guidance, we’ve gained a clientele of startups that we can work with from the ground up. Startups make the most interesting clients and give us some of the most challenging (in the best sense of the word) projects to work on.

In the year that we’ve been in StarterStudio, we’ve been endlessly surprised at all the community can offer. The companies, remote workers, and staff have become like a family to us and we encourage you to come into StarterStudio and check out the spaces, experience all it has to offer, and get involved.

Jordan Walker is the Director of Marketing at SoFriendly.

SoFriendly is an Entrepreneur Level sponsor of StarterStudio.