In Chinese the characters 十全十美 refer to 10 and mean “perfection.” For StarterStudio, that on Monday launched Class 10 of our Ideation Stage Accelerator, we feel a sense of perfection.

Not that we are anywhere near perfect or that our lean-methods curriculum for startups is perfected. What we can say is that after five years and now the launch of our tenth class, we feel our Ideation Stage Accelerator is, well, a (near) perfect home for entrepreneurs.

For folks who want to take an idea and a dream and hone those into a viable product they can take into the marketplace, this is a perfect home.


When Class 10 has its Demo Day in early 2019 we will have graduated nearly 100 companies from our two accelerators. Our program participants have created more than 1,000 jobs since 2013 and our accelerator grads have raised nearly $20 million in outside funding. As I write this, nine new companies and nearly 20 founders in Class 10 have found a home and hothouse for growing their ideas into real businesses.

Class 10 is definitely an achievement and significant milestone for us. But the real achievers and those hurtling past their own milestones are the new startups themselves.

Here’s a look at the new companies, the Starters of Class 10

modular batteries

modern American family app

GoGo Power Juice
mobile battery pack

Grand Openings
business grand opening alerts

restaurant job matching

ridesharing platform

virtual health assistant

hydration tracking

XMDocs (formerly Fletebase)
SaaS platform for int’l shippers

None of them perfect (yet!), but in a perfect place to be for now.

Welcome Class 10!