HotSwitch is on the rise.

Orlando digital media company and StarterStudio accelerator graduate HotSwitch has signed a deal with Mexico’s second-largest media network, TV Azteca, whose TV Azteca Conecta app now runs on HotSwitch’s interactive platform.

Through HotSwitch’s technology, TV Azteca Conecta offers immersive experiences through which viewers can interact via live chat, polls, trivia and other exclusive content such as games based on characters in the network’s series.

HotSwitch founding members Andres Aranguibel, CEO and Ravel Antunes, CTO. (Not pictured, Leo Aranguibel, Partnerships)

Eugenio Velasco, director of Content and Digital Audiences for TV Azteca Digital, said that in less than a year TV Azteca Conecta has earned the top spot in interactive TV in Mexico. He’s made a big bet on HotSwitch’s technology, which he gives rave reviews in the premier industry media outlet in Mexico. HotSwitch also was included in The Future of Entertainment report by AT&T Foundry and Ericsson and received enthusiastic reviews from Arijana Walcott, business development manager of Swisscom.

TV Azteca is one of the world’s largest television content generators, and HotSwitch is helping the network develop and monetize live fan interactions. It also offers real-time viewer engagement analytics that can be used to drive content and attract sponsors. At the heart of the company’s technology is an SDK, a set of software development tools that can be integrated across mobile, web and smartTV apps.

The Hot Take on HotSwitch

HotSwitch, which has developed interactive fan experiences for sports such as soccer as well as television series, is seeking to add market share in Latin America, where the company can provide technical talent to build technology solutions in-house.

The company’s founders, Andres Aranguibel, Ravel Antunes, and Emmy-nominated Leo Aranguibel, formed HotSwitch after working for media giants Disney, HBO, NBC and Google. They spent six months immersed in Silicon Valley, raising $400,000 for their startup from production houses like SayWhisky and BTF Media and angel investors.

The team then returned home to Orlando, where they refined their business model and got HotSwitch investor-ready by participating in StarterStudio’s fourth accelerator class.

Learn more about HotSwitch Here.

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